The future of Transportation…?

Every time I am stuck in traffic I can’t help but to complain….out loud to myself most times. … It seems to me that the transportation system… “busing us around” (excuse the pun) is an antiquated system. Has it had any significant changes in the past 3 decades? Not much….at least from what I can tell. Buses, trains, taxis, and are own POV’s are chugging along down the same_o highway. Oh, don’t get me wrong, the technology has indeed changed, but the way we travel, hasn’t.

I think we are due an upgrade, the cities around the world are jammed packed with traffic, and it seems to be only getting worse. I mean lets be serious… at our current pace… we aren’t heading towards a solution. How much time does it take an average city employee to drive to and from work? How much time does that equate to over a span of ones lifetime? I shudder to think what these city planners and engineers are doing to solve this age old monotonous problem. Can it be solved?

I think it can! But of course sacrifices would have to be made by all of society. The brainstorming to finally solve this problem would be difficult, but not impossible. I am not an engineer but I am a technician and I employ engineering principals everyday to solve problems, and it will take some serious engineering to solve this problem. Some ideas off the top of my head; (1) build tiers of roads in cities using the close proximity of the buildings primarily as their foundation, considering that most buildings in cities share connected foundations the load would be shared between the buildings and the independent foundations that would be built for these roads.  (2) Fortunately, flight and drone technology has come along way. So, those that can afford it “take to the air” after all the shortest distance between any two things, is a straight line! Perhaps even a hub can be built for exclusive drone vehicles. (3)  Drone technology can be applied to mass transportation eventually, but in the mean time many cities are using magnetic powered trains; this can be added to the tier system or even cable cars. Elon Musk’s new concept for hyperloop technology trains seems like a real possibility, I’m looking forward to seeing his concept come to fruition.

It’s obviously not a problem of ideas, we all have some of which I’m sure can aid to the solution of this problem… maybe its a good idea to crowd source a solution…. but either way we have the real problem of leadership and their seemingly inability to concord a solution. Of course, there is money, greed, corruption and politics to deal with, but I never said it was going to be easy. I’m optimistic that this problem can be solved with some “cool engineering” but like with any new engineering feat, it will take some serious courage by all those involved and when I say all those involved, I mean us too.

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